The Good Solar Guide

The Good Solar Guide

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The Good Solar Guide in paperback for just $24.99 with free shipping in Australia.

The Good Solar Guide demystifies the solar buying process in Australia showing you how many panels you need, which panel brands to buy, which to avoid, and how to find a great installer. The seven-step process revealed in this book, developed over 10 years in the industry, will walk you through understanding, evaluating, buying, installing and using solar power to deliver on its promise of tiny bills.

This book will give you bulletproof confidence when buying solar power that you are getting the right size, right brand, and a great installer at a fair price. After the install, you’ll rest easy in the knowledge that your new system will reliably deliver low bills for decades.

What makes this book unique?

It is focused on the Australian consumer, Australian standards, Australian climate and the Australian electricity market. Every other book I can find is aimed at either the US or the UK market. The Australian solar market has lots of unique aspects that require dedicated advice.

It is independent and written by a qualified engineer. Many books about going solar are full of ‘green-hype’ and breathless ‘solar panels will save the world’ commentary. My approach is balanced and pragmatic, and I will happily advise people if their situation means solar power is not the right choice for them.

It recognizes that the end game for Australians going solar is tiny bills.

It includes energy efficiency and energy monitoring to provide a holistic approach that will minimize bills post solar panel installation.

It is up to date. This book covers the latest battery and solar panel technology, rebates and regulations, and I plan to update it annually.

It is written in the humorous but scientifically grounded style that I have used to great praise from my blog readers.

It is also based on my interaction with 1-in-30 homes in Australia through my website.

It contains links to online tools and comparison tables that help homeowners compare panels, calculate payback and even find out how many panels will fit on their roof using Google Maps.

It is a proven, step-by-step approach to getting tiny bills with an affordable solar power system.

About the Author, Finn Peacock

Finn is a Chartered Electrical Engineer and lives in a straw house in Adelaide.

Having been involved in the solar energy industry first with the CSIRO, then founding his own enormously successful, independent solar energy website, SolarQuotes®, Finn has helped over 350,000 Australian homes get quotes for solar power since 2009. This makes Finn uniquely placed to guide Australian homeowners through the maze of buying and installing a solar power system. In fact, Finn walks the talk. His most recent electricity bill for a family of five, a small business and his beloved Finnish sauna was a credit of $128.